My Time in the Computer Games Industry

I have been working in the games industry since I graduated with a BA Honours degree in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration in 1996, and have been involved in the development of over fifty titles. Within two years of joining the industry I was working as a Lead Artist, guiding the concept phase of the projects up-front and assembling and managing the other members of the art team. With the Games business being the way it is, much of my work ended up with projects being canned, so there's not much point listing every title I worked on as quite a few of them have never been heard of outside the developemnt studio they were born into.

I set up Think Tank Studios in the year 2000 which was one of the first out-sourcing studios in the UK. For the next ten years I ran the company with my two partners where we serviced clients such as Eidos, Virgin Interactive, Sony, Lego, Take 2 Interactive and many others. We were involved in the developemet of numerous world-class titles including the Grand Theft Auto franchise from Rockstar where we were contracted assemble a team to create around two thirds of the vehicles for the X-Box sku of the GTA3 series.

The work I have completed in the games industries literally spans all disciplines and has developed as the industry has matured over the past fifteen years as I have delivered work across all platforms from GameBoy Colour right through to PS3. Alongside my work in broadcast VFX and film work, I have become competent with pretty much every technology out there from motion capture to laser-scanning, and am familiar with every production workflow and pipeline you could expect.

Although my experience spans all aspects of production, my main focus is concept art. Having trained as an illustrator and originally wanting to be a comic artist, when Sony launched the PS1 I found that my portfolio was suitable for Games Studios as the design skills were transferable. This led me into the games industry and away from the airbrush, towards Photoshop and 3D.

My experiences within the Games industry have proven to be an ideal next-step for my design and illustration ambitions and film was the next logical step. I will always have a soft spot for the Games industry having spent so long being a part of it and no matter where my film ambitions may take me, I'll always consider taking on concept work if it's a project that I think could get my juices flowing.