Nice Car

I love the design of the landspeeder, it's a design classic and it's knackered looking retro styling went a long way to establishing the overall feel of the Star Wars universe. Such a sweet ride.

The build was really stright-forwards, the vehicle was constructed over the base of an existing car and had a mirrored skirt fitted at an angle that reflected the desert floor. I love how simple elegant solutions like these can be so effective.

Poor Anthony Daniels, that guy suffered for his art. The C3PO costume's not very bendy really.

My Mum occasionally reminds me of a conversation we had when I was three and on my way back from seeing the original Star Wars with her at the cinema. I wanted to know why we had to have a car with wheels and why couldn't we get a hovering one like Luke? What can I say, I was a gullible child and if I'm being completely honest, I still want one.