My Favourite Alien Photo

I wanted to give this pic a bit of space as it's my favourite photo of Sigourney Weaver taken whilst they were making Alien. The process of creating a film is exhausting and people tend to flake out whenever they get the chance. When we were shooting Moon, there is a scene where Sam 1 is ill, dying in bed and the healthy Sam 2 tucks him is so he can rest for a while. When you see this on-screen in the shots where Sam 2 is out in the corridor it is actually me in the bed. I was shattered from being on two hours sleep a night for six weeks or so and I took the opportunity to do some doubling for Sam 1. Even though we were rolling film (which is always serious business), having somebody in the bed saved us a couple of VFX shots so I put the hat on and got in bed, passing out almost immediately. I got to have a super-cozy nap, I was out for about an hour and a half whilst the VFX-free scene in the corridor was shot out. Double win. Weird place to wake up though.

I know this picture isn't the best quality but I think that's part of it's charm. What can I say, I love Hipstamatic.