Nostromo Crew Portraits

Here is surely one of the best cast group-portrait photographs ever taken. There's something about the Nostromo crew that makes them incredibly photogenic. The casting in Alien was superb and complemented the script perfectly, bringing us one of the most beleivable space-teams ever seen on-screen. Such great costumes too. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite portraits of these excellently portrayed characters. One thing about photographs like this that I always find really interesting is the relative heights of the actors. When you watch a film, you're generally closer in on their faces and upper body most of the time and it's difficult to get a sense of how tall or short the actors are in relation to each other. When you get them in an image like this there's no confusing the issue. Look how small Ian Holm looks compared to Sigourney Weaver! She looks like she'd kick his arse.

Harry Dean Stanton is such a dude. I can watch him in anything.

There was another cast member that often gets overlooked, Bodaji Badejo as the Alien.

They even look great together when they're hanging out drinking coffee at premieres.