Eastern European Sci-Fi Film Posters

Today I wanted to show you some of my favourite sci-fi film posters from Eastern Europe. Given that a lot has changed in the publishing world over the last fifteen years since the adoption of computers, if you go back further than this there are some treats to be found in searching for film posters in some of the more remote areas of the world. I know Poland's not particularly remote these days but back in 1968 when 2001 came out it was. Back then there was a serious social disconnect between the east and the west and I think it shows up very clearly in old sci-fi posters. For instance, this poster for Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odysey. As well as illustration, I have also studied and worked as a Graphic Designer and I've got to say that the design language of this poster is just baffling. Maybe that's the point, it is for 2001 after all.

Okay, so does the poster below make any more sense? It's the Polish cinematic print release for Blade Runner. Bet Ridley Scott was pissed when he saw this: All the beautiful work and back-breaking effort that went into creating what is arguably one of the most beautiful films ever been made and it gets released with this GCSE level kids drawing that look like it took five minutes. I mean, it's not exactly capturing the spirit of the film now is it?

I like this next one. Obgy. That's Alien. Somehow these Polish genius illustrators have seen fit to discard any attempt to portray the most convincing and outright brilliant screen monster ever to be created and instead to draw some kind of bag of pigs nerves with a couple of eyeballs fastened onto the front. They must have been doing these illustrations blind; I can't believe that anybody who had seen this visual feast of a film could come away and draw this bollocks in an attempt to lure others in. Even though I just described this poster as "bollocks", I still think it's brilliant - I might even get off my arse and try to get an original to frame up.

After seeing the poster above it should come as no surprise to see that six years laer the Polish marketers have not developed their abilities to communicate in the slightest. In fact, they've gone backwards. This poster below is for Aliens. Get to fuck.

That must have been too much becasue they issued another poster which you can see below. Even though this is a much better poster, it's still essentially bullshit and they laid it out they type so badly that it looks like it's called "Orgy". Nice one.

Moving further east, I wanted to included this rather mental Russian poster for the theatrical release of Star Wars, which is a film about a mechanical cowboy with a clock in his hat riding a horse through space.

The Empire Strikes Back fared slightly better with Darth Vader's head being made of tiny lightsabers. I think this was a deleted scene so it's probably in the directors cut. Like the fangs too.

Things didn't get much better when we get to Jedi where it appears that "Jabba" is about to eat the Death Star.

Alright, I saved the best till last. Check out this Czech poster for Ghostbusters. What. The. Fuck. I love it.