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Mars Attacks - The CG Version

I think it's nice to have a direct comparison with the CG version that was so beautifully created by ILM. I'm sure you'll agree, they did the original source material justice and then some. Mars Attacks isn't a perfect film but I do enjoy watching it and as I'm looking over these images I'm getting strong urges to go and watch it again...

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You may/may not know this but while the film was in development, Tim Burton was looking at doing the Martians as stop motion animation. He commissioned Mackinnon and Saunders (a UK company famous for their stop motion models) to make some full sized Martians which was around five feet. They didn't get used apart from right at the end and they are the dead bodies being scooped up in the cleanup operation at the end of the film. I visited their studio many years ago and they had one of them in the entrance lobby which I managed to take a photo of while giggling like a loon in excitement (I must see if I still have that photo).
While talking about the film I was told about the fact they only got used at the end but also that one of the full sized bodies went missing on its way from the UK to the USA for filming. The guy telling me said it was probably stolen at the airport and joked that it was probably the only time a Martian's been abducted by humans.

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDave Kirkby

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