Invader Zim

I wanted to post this on the offchance you've not seen it as Invader Zim is one of my favourite cartoons ever. It's been off the air for ages now and is constantly rumoured to be coming back but I wouldn't hold your breath. It was created by Jhonen Vasques and ran for three seasons starting way back in 2001 on Nickeleodon. 

It's essentially about an alien invader who has been assigned the Earth as his dominion - once he completes his invasion. He has a robot companion called GIR who is his only help and unfortunately for him GIR had his brain replaced with a few nuts and bolts so he's more of a hinderance than a help. Zim is hiding out on the Earth trying to figure out how to take it over whilst disguising himself as a normal schoolkid with GIR disguised as his dog and a robotic house with fake robot parents to conceal his hidden lab underneath. The humour gets quite dark at times covering subject matter such as organ harvesting and I have to say that if the clips below appeal to you, get to Amazon and buy this (sorry it's region 1 but what can I do?)