Simon Bisley's ABC Warriors

If you're reading this blog it's likely that you'll have heard of the legendary comic artist Simon Bisley. He's a very famous chap now and rightly so - his art has been hugely influential on an entire generation of artists that have come after him. The funny thing is, the thing they tend to take from his style is the way he uses paint rather than the way he uses pens.

I have always loved comics and 2000AD was one of the pillars at the core of my world when I was growing up. It gave us so much beautiful art and amazing storytelling but of it all Bisley's ABC Warriors: The Black Hole is the one that got to the top of the list for me.

This was his first comissioned comics work and took him from hod carrying on a building site to superstar hotshot of the international comics scene. His draftsmanship is just so perfect here that I'd urge any of you that haven't already got a copy to go grab one right now. Don't try and read the images below in sequence - these are some of my favourite parts from this masterfully rendered story. Sorry if I'm gushing a bit here but I think this artwork deserves it because IT IS GORGEOUS. Bring back clean black and white comics.