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What the hell are you watching?

Star Fleet, that's what. I used to adore this show. It played on UKTV on Saturday mornings when I was really small and I used to miss the last half of each episode being dragged along with my Mum to go and pick up my big sister from her cello lessons. Used to really piss me off, leaving it half way through. She ended up ditching the cello in the end so I was missing some quality time with some weird Japanese puppets for nothing. Such a sweet optimistic 80s theme tune, perfect for a six year old kid watching badly translated near incomprehensible foreign puppet shows in front of the electric fire.

Watching this now, the stories are laughably simple but as a little kid I used to think this show was pretty much perfect. It was the first time I'd seen several spaceships join together to form a massive war-robot and every time Dia-X formed up in the middle of a huge fight I'd involuntarily do a little squirt of wee. These old Japanese shows with people in suits pretending to be giant monsters or robots are so much fun to watch, I love them. Looking at it now it seems like the whole show is pretty much a reaction to the what Gerry Anderson was doing back then but however it came about, I'm just glad this show got made. I still find myself singing the theme tune in the shower from time to time...

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Hi Gavin love the site! It was actually Paul Bliss of The Moody Blues who composed and performed the song. Brian May re-recorded it after watching the show with his young son and loving it, releasing it on Brian May and Friends - Star Fleet. I wrote a piece on the show here http://cinetropolis.net/guilty-pleasures-star-fleet/

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTim Pelan

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