The Prometheus Teaser

There's really only one thing I could post today, and that was the Prometheus trailer. I've got to say that I'm really up for this film. At the moment, it looks just like an Alien remake, even down to re-using the same music from the original Alien trailer (albeit with the now-obligatory "Inception" opening beats). This whole thing looks pretty special and I'm recovering from my cynicism of the images that appeared in the press a few weeks ago that showed the whole thing looking very much like "Lost in Space". I'm still not sure about the bright yellow lights in the space-helmets, but seeing this has got me right back on board the Ridley-train. Fingers crossed it won't disappoint.

Just for reference, here's the original Alien trailer from 1979.

Cheers to Charlie Brigden (@sharksarecool) for the link.