Thunderbirds 2086

It's clear from their 70s and 80s toys that Japan got into Thunderbirds in a major way, but I'm always suprised how few people knew about the manga remake. Granted, it's changed a LOT. As far as I can figure, the whole "Tracy Island" thing is basically a way for the super rich to avoid paying taxes and spending their money on a private fleet of go-anywhere vehicles.

This Japanese reboot is sometimes to be seen branded as "Scientific Rescue Team Technovoyager" and the Anderson's weren't involved in the show's creation. It does have some cool vehicles in the show and I do love the sci-fi suits the crew wear. I'm very fond of this 80s period of anime and although the stories aren't going to blow your mind, it's a nice show to watch if you're into things like Cyber City Oedo 808 and you might recognise a few voices from Battle of the Planets. The whole thing is up on YouTube, which is good as I doubt this is going to be repeated on UK TV anytime soon.