What do you want when you grow up?

I knew what I wanted. This. Colonel Wilma Deering. Imagine going out with the chick in charge of the defence of the planet earth. She wears tight jumpsuits, carries a gun and has her own space fighter. And that uniform looks great.

I had it all worked out. We were going to get married at a big ceremony where lots of robots would fire laser-guns in the air and then go into space to fly through explosions, fight aliens that look exactly like people and save Gary Coleman. My tiny child's mind did used to worry about her though. When I was watching Buck Rogers on tv I was very young and I wasn't quite at the point where I completely understood the fantasy nature and general pretending aspect of tv. When this thing got hold of her it scared the piss out of me.

When I look back at this now I can imagine the bloke playing the space vampire was probably feeling pretty good about all the grabbing and neck-breathing he was getting paid to do that day. Look at his face, he's well into it. Stupid Vorvon. Get off my wife.

I always loved the way she was painted on the poster for the theatrical release. This is actually one of my favourite film posters from this period and it makes me feel pretty nostalgic towards these kinds of expensive, glamarous science-fiction tv shows of the 80s.

Those of you familiar with the first season might recognise Juanin Clay in the images below, from the episode "Vegas in Space". She was originally cast as Wilma Deering when Erin Gray looked like she might have to drop out at one point, but then she was back on board and Miss Clay never got her shot. She'd have been cool though.