Get To The Chopper

I'd be prepared to bet quite a bit of money that if you're reading this blog, you'll know who this is.

But you might not know who this is.

It's the original design for the Predator costume that was fully finished and shipped to the jungle location when they started filming. Because things were getting very tight time-wise, nobody had properly overseen the creation of the monster and only got their first good look at it once it was on-set and in front of the camera. At which point everybody decided to was a bit rubbish and somebody was going to get a bollocking. In steps this man:

...and two weeks from getting the call brings us this:

What a legend. If you needed your arse bailing out then surely Stan Winston and his team were the 911 of creature work. Incidentally, guess who was going to be inside the monster suit?

Indeed, Jean Claude Van-Damme was originally cast as the Predator. Apparently he was going around talking about it a lot when the decision was made to cast somebody much bigger that Arnie in order to present a more legitimate physical threat. So they and replaced with this guy. Kevin Peter Hall. Who is seven foot two.

You might also remember him as this guy.

Predator was an especially important film for me becasue it was the first time I actually got to see one of these:

I have since become quite a fan and would rather like a go on one. Sorry about the music in the clip below, you might want to turn the sound down or put some Justin Bieber on or something. But this is how fucking awesome these things are when you load them up with tracers and let rip. I'm considering joining the Air Force just for the training.

I'd recommend getting the Predator Collectors Edition DVD if you've not already got it as it has one of the best making-of extras I've ever seen. It's a really honest account of the process and I think you'll find it quite compelling viewing. It's also up on YouTube so here's the first part and if you're into it you'll find the other parts up there too.

I'm presuming this is a legal upload as they're pretty tight on these things these days but if it turns out I'm wrong this bit may vanish in the future. To be honest I'd go and grab a copy anyway, it's probably Arnie's best film! Get to the CHOPPPAH! There are different terms for this sort of thing all over the world but where I'm from an appropriate caption for the photograph below would be "Fucking Ledge".