I recall Total Recall...

...looking like this.

But now it seems it is going to look like this:

I love Total Recall. It's got so many good ingredients. 90s sci-fi chic, Paul Verhoeven, Arnie, Sharon Stone at her peak, Michael Ironside, Jonnycab, a three titted prostitite, Shoot-outs, car chases, Arnie pulling a gobstopper out of his nose with a pair of pliers. Lets be honest, what's not to love. Now it's Colin Farrel's turn to take the trip to Mars. Fingers crossed they don't muck it up because there's some pretty cool looking stuff going on with the robot police and "slight" homages to Blade Runner. Overall I quite like the look of it but I think they need to sort out that Police logo because it's letting the side down a bit.

As you can see, the soldiers and robot police look like a cross between the soldiers from District 9 and Halo which isn't necessarily a bad thing and gives them a very contemporary sci-fi feel.

It looks like they've invested in quite a few suits too so fingers crossed they'll keep the same kind of busy chases through populated urban areas that they had in the first one. If you like the look of them it might be worth getting a lead in on the props auction places over the next couple of months because they'll likely be coming up quite soon.

They look so happy in the future in their flying car. Kate Beckinsale's got her work cut out taking over the reins from Sharon Stone here.

One of the best things about the original was the amazing cast and the pressure must be on for them to get this right. I wonder who they've got lined up to play this chap?

And this lady? If I were involved in the production I'd throw money at Christina Hendricks to get her in this role.