Japanese Movie Poster Sexy Time

I like japanese film posters. Maybe it's the Graphic Designer in me but there's just something so legit about them. The cool-looking incomprehensible script, the unusual layout that's often quite different from the one you were sold where you live. They're great. And they're great for sci-fi. I always loved the Japanese Alien poster in particular and I thought whilst I was at it I'd show you the Japanese posters for some of my other favourite films.

I'm going a little off-piste here as it's not sci-fi but check out this Day of the Dead poster. Special.

At the risk of getting off-topic and stuck in the weeds, I'll just leave you with these two gems below whilst explaining how Ferris Beauller's Day Off could be construed as a science-fiction movie. There is a theory that Ferris isn't real and the whole thing happens inside Cameron's head as he's having some kind of episode. At first thought this may sound thin but if you a fan of this film I'd recommend a re-watch focussing on events from this perspective. Watch Cameron sat in his car revving the engine and punching the steering wheel and tell me he's not a kid on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You can take this theory right through the entire film, especially when you get into the construction of his and Ferris' conversations. Suddenly it's a teeny angst high-school-popularity version of Vanilla Sky. All that's missing is the scene at the end of the film where he calls Tech Support and jumps off the roof of his house.

Just to get solidly back onto sci-fi, I'm especially proud to be able to include this. You know how sometimes film names change for different territories? I've heard a couple of options for this translation from "Alone in Space" to "trapped in the moon" (Cheers @unklerupert for the second translation) - guess I'll have to learn Japanese and figure it out myself. Pip pip.