The Japanese Star Wars Posters

I thought I'd break out the Star Wars posters from the others becasue they deserved a bit of room to stand by themselves. I do like the way some of the Japanese posters tended to focus their compositions around the ships. The original Western Star Wars posters were iconic and in my opinion these Japanese artworks are just as good and for the illustrations below you can thank the amazing Japanese artist Noriyoshi Ohrai.

The image below is one of my favourites. At first appearance it might look like the Tantive IV is above the Millennium Falcon but if you look at the cockpit you'll see it's actually the original design for the Falcon. So this piece actually has both Falcon designs sat next to each other. It's impossible to know if this is an oversight or a really subtle nod to the fans but given the level of detail in this guy's work it's probably the latter.

I wonder why the Millennium Falcon's upside down in this pic?

Japanese culture is fascinating. They like big robots and because their copy is completely illegible to me it's easy to find humour in their media. Like these two specimens below. I hope that photo on the "broomstick" was in-camera and not chopped together from seperate images.