They Live

If you've not seen John Carpenter's 1988 film "They Live", I suggest you get yourself on Amazon and amend this situation immediately. The 80s gave us some amazing science fiction. It seems there was a generation of film-makers who grew up watching the original Twilight Zone that had all these amazingly weird ideas gestating in their heads that they were able to convert into films that would never get made today. Apart from the remake of course, which is currently in production. The last interview I read, the director was talking about how they weren't going to do "the thing with the sunglasses". What, you mean the really cool idea that the whole plot of the film hinged around? Besides this, they're also remaking "Repo Man". I'll go get the coats.

I propose we start a campaign to try and persuade the studios to leave the 80s alone before they decide to redo "Ghostbusters". They should only be allowed to do that with the cast and writing team of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". Now lets all go and watch "They Live" again quickly before the new version comes out and we all lose the will to live.