Sci-FI Disco from the 80s

Might have to apologise for this one in advance - Personally I love a bit of kitsch old entertainment that was originally serious but has since transformed into comedy. So if that sort of thing isn't your bag, you're probably best getting out of here right now. Over the weekend, I was exposed to an amazing amount of SpaceDisco, and yes, that is an official term. I learnt a lot about robots, space exploration and where some of the things we have now came from. Apparently Daft Punk took a lot from La Bionda, seen here in 1981 smashing it up in space inside their own minds performing their monster hit "I wanna be your lover".

Check out the sweet robotics going on in Topo and Roby's "Under the ice". I love the way she sets it going at the start.

The robotics tech got way more serious for the promo. 80s MTV demands quality you know.

The weird thing about this video is that it's actually stolen. If you go back to 1978, you'll find a song by Dee D. Jackson called "Automatic Lover". Have a look at the video and then be amazed at somebody wanting to steal it for reasons other than comedy.

Here's Radiorama performing "Aliens HQ", which attempts to accurately re-create the environment of an extra-terrestrial lunar outpost as far as contemporary science will allow. The featured robot is a fully functioning NASA prototype that assisted in the orbital construction of the Skylab station.

SPACE: "Running in the City" (1978). Masters of the chroma-key. Masters of their domain (70s SpaceDisco).

Mistral - Jamie (From Dutch TV circa 1977). Fighting the giant space-wasp infestation, one step at a time.

Right then, lets kick this shit up a gear wth the supersexy Trans-X - 3D Dance Formel 1. You know these guys are legit 'cos they're wearing jumpsuits just like your favourite spaceclone, Sam Bell.

They got to Star Wars too. One thing I do like about this is that given it was the 80s, those are probably screen-used Stormtrooper costumes as they ran out for the backing dancers and had to make-do with white saftey gear. I like.

Thanks to @julianstockton @paulmcevoy @EvrimErsoy and @alxkdd for the comedy gold. These four gentlemen are like the curators of the ultimate entertainment museum and I urge you to follow them on Twitter and let them show you the ways of 60s Turkish light entertainment.