Sci-Fi Babe: Ornella Muti

Aura Ming is one of those old-school sci-fi babes that often slips under the radar when these discussions come up. Very much in the bratty spoilt princess vein as Ardala from Buck Rogers, she pulls it off in the most amazing fashion and manages to shine amongst the drowning sea of camp that is Flash Gordon. Just for the record, I'm not harshing Flash up here, I have a lot of love for that film and has some of the boldest production design I've ever seen.

As a kid I was obsessed with the Samuel R. Delany 'graphic novel' "Empire", and I always thought of Aura Ming as the perfect realisation of the Nizerine. She'd go from beautiful brat to kick-ass ninjaress in half a dutch second. And just for the record, this woman may have the most perfect eyes I've ever seen (you'll see what I mean down the bottom).