Studio Scale - Just How Big Are Those Model Miniatures?

Okay, this might look a little self-indulgent but I'm going to put some pictures of the Moon models in here too in case you've not seen the pics elsewhere on the site. The rovers were built at two scales one sixth and one twelfth - action man and star wars figure scales respectively. We built each of the three rovers at twelfth scale but only had the budget for one twelfth scale harvester and one sixth scale rover, which we made into the other three with interchangable back sections. It worked great - you couldn't tell they were all the same model on film.

At the end of the shoot I had become rather attached to the sixth scale rover and so it ended up coming home with me. The thing is about working with a model crew like Bill Pearson's guys is that it just makes you want to do more of it. I've got some more sci-fi stuff in the pipe that I'm hoping will turn into a real model-fest so fingers crossed it all works out and I can bring you some more on that in the future. Studio scale baby!