Does Prometheus feature a "Cocoon" sequence?

According to IMDB, the image above is from Prometheus. It's not clear if this is concept art or an actual still from the movie, but it did set off similarity bells I've noticed elsewhere with unused imagery from the original Alien seeming to have a large influence on whatever is going on with Prometheus. For reference, here's the Giger concept art from the original Alien movie below. The idea is that the creature takes it's prey and binds them into the wall with it's bio-mechanical slime which hardens and encases the victim, who then turns into an egg as the life cycle completes.

Although the theatrical release never featured any of this, some scenes were filmed and appear in the directors cut where Ripley finds Dallas and Brett mashed into the wall like this at differing stages of conversion. Here is the "cocoon" scene where you get to see Sigourney Weaver doing her thing with a flamethrower. Saturday afternoon just got a little bit better. What does all this mean in relation to Prometheus? I haven't an effing clue. pip pip!

Thanks to Dan Richards for the link to the IMDB Page - keep watching the skies!