Denis Beauvais' Aliens

In my opinion, Aliens Book 2 is one of the finest graphic novels ever created. The Alien franchise is probably the one I hold most beloved as the first and second films were truly phenomenal. These comics came out before Alien 3, and, for me, this graphic novel would have made an amazing sequal to "Aliens" had James Cameron decided to do another.

Denis Beauvais captured the feel of Aliens perfectly with his art in this book and when I first read it as a kid it lit my imagination up as to what might be coming next. Having read these graphic novels, when Alien 3 was announced I got in one of those mental loops of having "Aliens" dreams for a few weeks. So when I got to see it at the cinema, I was raging to my mates about the disregard for this amazing story. Blargh. Whatever. I'm over it. I still love David Fincher though.

Check out Denis Beauvais' official website here.