Leynos Force Assault Suit

I've long been a fan of the old SNES game "Cybernator", which was a western re-branding of the Japanese game "Assault Suits Valken". I have a bad habit of checking for obscure Japanese game-related toys as they have a whole different approach than we do in the West and often there are models available for all sorts of forgotten things. Like the mech suits from this 20 year old SNES game. I always loved the design of the spirites on-screen (even though they were tiny), so when I found this thing it was happy days.

The model itself is snap-together and I made mine over a couple of hours one evening. It stands around 15cm tall and is fully articulated and poseable. The only real modelling work I had to do was cut off the little sprue extensions with a scalpel so the edges were smooth. And paint it of course, but that's another job altogether. I hardly ever make model kits for pleasure these days and this one was an absolute delight to build, primarily due to the snapping together. I've honestly never constructed anything like it. Some of the parts are tiny and the precision was just gorgeous as everything snaps together with a satisfying sound. My Leynos Force Assault Suit now has pride of place on my desk next to my monitor and I like to make sure he gets into at least one new cool pose every day. The upshot of all of this is that I have discovered that Japanese snap-together models absolutely fucking rock and I've already ordered another six. They are a delight to build and definately worth the wait.

As long as you don't mind waiting for a back-order shipped from Japan, you can get one all of your own here. And whilst you're on the amiami website have a dig around. There's all sorts of stuff on there from the Armored Core games franchise, and the Frame Arms series are just beautiful. Fingers crossed, one day somebody will make some sweet kits of my Battalion Wars vehicle designs. Go Japan, Clutter my desk!