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Appleseed The Manga - A Few Random Pages

This comic book series by the amazing Masamune Shirow was one of the gateway items that led me into the world of Japanese science-fiction. I have been a huge fan of these graphic novels ever since they first appeared in English. I wish they'd get around to translating volume 5 - it's been out in japan for years. The whole thing is full of beautiful tech and if you happen to be a fan of hardware then I really can't recommend this series enough - it's a gun-lover's dream of a comic strip, with a real focus on real-world tactics and weapon effects. I found it a thoroughly absorbing read and Masamune Shirow has created a world that I would love to visit, just to hang out with the ESWAT team for a bit and ride around in all their cool vehicles.

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Is that really true about a volume 5 being released in Japan? I can't find any info to confirm that. I know there was the databook and the hypernotes short story, both of which have been translated. Last I heard, Shirow had no plans for a volume 5. Of course, I wish it weren't so!

Lovely blog, by the way!

August 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDerek Van Gorder

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