Lunar Industries Mission Badges

When we were getting the costume designs together for Moon, I really wanted Sam to have a Silent Running vibe with his day-to-day outfit and I wanted to keep this going right through the design of the mission patches. Being one of my favourite films, Silent Running was a huge part of the inspiration for Moon and being one of my heroes I wanted to give Doug Trumbull a shout out wherever I could. Besides, you're not a legit spaceman unless what you're doing has got it's own patch. Seeing as it's almost Halloween I thought these designs might make your replica Lunar Industries jumpsuit that little bit better.I get asked about the mission badges quite a lot as we had some spare from the shoot and there was a period where Duncan and myself were giving them away at screenings. It's fun to chuck them into the crowd and see people's faces lighting up when they get one. They're all gone now so if you were lucky enough to catch one keep hold of it - they're special because they're slightly wrong. The colours are actually a bit too dark.There were only ten originals of each design, and of these, one set went on each jumpsuit, Duncan's got one and I've got one myself so somewhere out there there are six full sets of original badges. More have been made since but the colours were slightly wrong on the originals and all the others I've seen don't look the same, I can tell the difference immediately when I see them. basically, if you didn't get given one form either Duncan or myself, then it's probably not a real one.

These sizes are all accurate relative to each other. I won't bore you with details of where they all go on Sam's suit as I'm presuming if you're going to make a jumpsuit, you'll probably enjoy figuring all that stuff out for yourself. All the bootlegs out there are made from re-created artwork so they're not accurate.I should point out that these badges contain NO TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS WHATSOEVER. In the Moon universe, Helium 3 was renamed as a commercial fuel source so it could be copyrighted and Lunar Industries did this by swapping the "U" and "I" around so "Helium" became "Heluim". This way they could claim ownership of the material and control supply. This was a legal "fast-move" they pulled before they commenced their Lunar operations which allowed them to create an instant monopoly and become the largest corporation the world has ever seen, having full control of over 97% of the earth's energy supply. This is why the badge below says "Heluim" and not "Helium".

Regular readers may have detected some bullshit just then. Truth is, I had to get these badges designed and final artwork ready in half an hour whilst stalling the start of a big production meeting becasue I had no time. Like a lot of Moon, I was so overworked that I just had to make them up as I went along. I originally thought it might have been taken care of by the costume department. As the chairs for the meeting were being set up I had a visit from them informing me that they needed to get the artwork off in the email in half an hour otherwise we'd have a bald jumpsuit on day one of filming (nice, tight timings, as ever). This was all news to me and so I had to just jump on it. Everybody was sat in the meeting room ready to start with one empty chair and I'm across the corridor designing badges and sending them off to print the second I was done. So I'm sorry for not proof-reading this but I was rather busy.

There's a couple of other badges that ended up not being seen which are the ones I wore when I was being the rescue team. Eagle eyed Blu-Ray viewers might be able to find them hiding if you look really closely.

The other graphic on Sam's jumpsuit was an A4 iron-on transfer on the back which came from the graphic below. It has round corners and was cropped to the dark edges.

Quick note to the bootleggers -  if you take this artwork and use it to start selling accurate badges to people - fuck you. You're a prick. They're not meant to be for sale. If you do anything with these designs, be sure to tweet round some pics and let me know about them. Happy Halloween you crazy space-kids!