What I'm going to be doing with these posts is digging through my Moon hard drives every day (if time allows), and dropping something you might find of interest up here. Some of these things will be tiny and inconsequential; others will be a bit nicer. The intention is that over time things build into an information resource on the film of stuff that you'd otherwise never get to see. Anyhow, I was looking through one of my old Moon hard-drives and I came across this. It's a graphic that's repeated around the Sarang base walls in a few places and it details the emergency procedures for the unit that Sam 2 intentionally damages to get Gerty to let him leave the base. I've not checked to see if it's even readable on the Blu-Ray. These signs were all done really fast as I ended up doing over 300 designs of graphic elements throughout the base. All of the base Graphics were designed by me and put up by Julian Walker and myself over a three-day period just before we started shooting. We ended up covering the base in over 3000 instances of these sorts of designs and there were instructions for all kinds of hazards and equipment all over the place. I was just making it all up as I went along as I could pretty much do what I wanted with the aesthetics of the base and it'd have been a shame not to take advantage of that! You can tell how short we were on manpower and time as there wasn't even time to proof read anything. There's the odd typo and duplication of words that sound a bit weird to me now, it makes me cringe to read, "operating optimally". As you can see, when Sam triggered the alarms by cutting the pipes he didn't follow the emergency instructions which must have been pretty annoying for Gerty trying to help him.