Strapadicktomie Procedure

This is our lovely Production Assistant miss Ella Harris helping us out with a special effects test in the car park outside K Stage by the skip. It might look like we're just monkeying around with strap-on cocks but it was actually a test for a scene that we ended up cutting from the film.

As Sam starts felling apart we were originally going to make a bit more of this and there was a scene in the original shooting script where we saw him have a pee and some blood comes out. We actually shot this but it ended up not really working; the camera was above and behind Sam and you could just see the end of his winkie poking out as he does his secret boys thing. His pee flow was supposed to turn to blood causing him to freak out a bit and generally re-inforce the whole concept of him dying with some internal bleeding. Everybody likes a bit of internal bleeding.

In the run-up to shooting we weren't exactly clear on how we were going to do this as we had so much to deal with it seemed pretty low-priority until it suddenly rushed up from over the horizon towards our faces. Then, one afternoon, Duncan was digging around on the Internet and he found this.

The Whizzinator. Pretty special eh? It's a device sold by a US company and is intended to be used to defeat drug tests, the idea being you can literally pull your winkie out and do some wee right in front of somebody, no further questions your honour. It's essentially a strap-on rubber cock with a hollow pipe running through it that attaches to a pair of pants with a bag for pee and a tap to make it all go. It even comes with some dried urine in powder form. Isn't technology wonderful?

So we got some make-up on it to bring it to life a bit and hooked up a couple of bags so we could run some fake wee through it and switch to blood by flicking a tap. It didn't really look all that when we filmed it as the blood was pretty diluted and so you couldn't really see much of a change and it just looked like a visit to the little space-clones room.

Ella was brilliant fun to work with on Moon, she's got a bit of a potty mouth and it was always hilarious when she'd say rude stuff over the walkie-talkies. Randomly, we'd just jump onto the public channel and do comedy dictionary definitions of the rudest things we could think of but make it sound like proper production chat. It was hilarious watching somebody working over the other side of the set with their walkie on their belt and this very straight-sounding comedy filth just come out of their radio as if they weren't concentrating they'd not even notice. The game became trying to say the rudest stuff and say it so straightly that nobody would actually notice. If you've not been on a film set before, quite a few people have walkie-talkies on them and they are usually worn on the belt. They tend to be on quite loud if there's no shooting in progress and so there's a constant chatter of radio talk going on around you all day. I can never help but press them into service for comedy value because I just think they're excellent fun.

Lunar Industries hope you enjoy your space-penis.